AutoForge is a 2D automation sandbox where you will build an expansive automated factory reaching up to the sky and deep into the ground, unlock and explore regions of a vast world filled with wonder and danger, upgrade yourself with ancient technologies, and then defend it all from the unfriendly denizens of the world.

Play as Otto, a magical golem awakening to find he was abandoned by the Wizards long ago. Seek out your ancient masters and learn what has happened to them and your world. First you must gather resources and build...


Crafting takes time, instead build a factory of Mana powered machines to automate the work for you. Design sprawling production lines connecting vital resource outposts to the heart of your factory. Reshape the world to fit your automation needs.


Otto is forever bound to the powerful Apotheos; however, with the right materials these bounds can be expanded. Unlock the world region by region.


Forge your own path through a vast sandbox world. Find new ore deposits to expand your factory, uncover valuable treasures and interact with the denizens of the world. Every world is unique with a mixture of procedural generation and hand-crafted points of interest.


Delve into a massive technology tree that demands an ever-increasing factory learning how to craft new structures and materials. Upgrade Otto using Apotheos' Mainframe with ancient technology that can be found throughout the world.


A mysterious auto-defense system has been triggered and is sending drones to protect the world from being exploited. You must protect your factory using your own sword and blaster along with your own auto-defense system.



AutoForge is still growing and the community is vital to its development. Join the community on Discord and follow us on your socials of choice.